About Riverwood




     I’ve been working with wood most of my life. Most of my creations are functionally artistic. I  use local hardwoods, mostly cherry, for its beautiful variety of colors and grain patterns.

     For many years I have participated in historical reenactments, mainly French & Indian War and fur trade eras, demonstrating the period methods of woodcarving.  

     "Treenware", from the word treen (the plural of tree) was constructed with primitive tools, and for simple ways of living, from the trees found at hand. This has led to the realization that my treenware is welcomed not only by history buffs, but to the general public as well for everyday, functional use. 

     My son, Jake, now apprentices with me and will keep the art of spoon making alive.  We attend 30-40 events each year, demonstrating and selling our handmade utensils.

     Below are two videos, one of me that was filmed at Christmas in the Woods, Columbiana, OH.  Special thanks to the videographer 112258RAD for his work! Check him out on YouTube...

Music: The Gospel of John Hurt - Alt-J

And the other of Jake demonstrating at the Mother Earth News Fair in Topeka, KS.